Danny’s Speaking Topics

Master Your Future, Master the Internet

This course will empower shop owners with the facts, not the hype of Internet Marketing. Danny Sanchez, AMI Accredited Instructor and Internet Marketing Expert will inspire shop owners to take control of their business future by taking control of the most powerful marketing tool at their disposal. Danny will share the real numbers, key performance indicators, and success benchmarks used by the most successful shop owners in the country.

Branding Brings in the Bucks

The best brands in any industry get paid a premium because they are the most trusted brand- your shop is no different! Want to charge a premium and have your customers gladly pay extra?! Don’t miss this class!

Your brand is far more than your logo, it’s the entire customer experience. Stop competing on just price or warranty and build a brand that drives new customers in your bays. Danny Sanchez, former shop owner and AMI accredited instructor will outline the many moving parts of a powerful brand and how to leverage it using marketing, telephone procedures, sales processes, customer service, and more!

Clicks, Cars & Cash!

This powerful Internet marketing course will give shop owners and managers a working knowledge of marketing through the Internet and electronic media. This course will cover website design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Performance and more. This course is designed to help the shop owners become knowledgeable in the most important and growing marketing tool available, and they will leave with step-by-step instructions to having a successful internet-based marketing campaign.

The 3 Secrets to Online Success: Find me, Click me, Convert me!

In this presentation, Danny illustrates key principles of powerful online marketing, and the steps successful shop owners are taking to drive new leads using the Internet. He breaks down the process of getting found on search engines, directing traffic to your website, and converting your site visitors to customers.

No Conversion? No Cash.

In this presentation, Danny reveals one simple truth: It doesn’t matter how much or how little traffic your website or social marketing has – If your online presence can’t convert visitors to customers, you are spinning your wheels and wasting money. This innovative discussion may change the way you view online marketing!

Get Me Some Likes! Building a Powerful Social Presence

In this high-energy seminar, Danny offers a number of different strategies to build fan bases on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. He discusses Google’s integration of Plus and Local into the search rank algorithm and uncovers how your social signals can become part of your SEO. This presentation is A GREAT WAY shop owners learn to leverage the power of online marketing to drive more cars in the bays. In the ever evolving world of social media.

Fans and Followers Make Sales and Profits

Opportunities for engaging customers and increasing sales are consistently growing as the automotive aftermarket continues to learn how to utilize social media. Social marketing is no longer restricted to the Internet. It spills into your office, waiting rooms and communities. Companies actively engaged in social channels are outperforming their competitors by connecting more with potential customers. Join Internet Marketing Expert and AMI Accredited Instructor, Danny Sanchez, for insights on this year’s latest trends, and reliable social media practices that your business can use right away!