Blogging Is a Sideshow, Not the Main Event

Blogging has been a legitimate part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for quite some time.  Google and other search engines have always appreciated the creation of unique and topic-relevant content.  The trick with blogging has always been to stay consistent and to be able to create interesting content.


As with everything on the Internet and search engines, if there is a tool, like blogging, that can help you reach your goals, then there will be someone who will exploit the use of the tool.  Lately, I’ve seen blogging being offered as the “Messiah” of Internet traffic building tools.  Let’s cover some of the facts about blogs and what they can and what they can’t do.

Every tool in the toolbox is valuable, and blogging is certainly one of the tools I will keep using and recommending to my customers, but only as a supporting tool in an SEO program.  


Written by Danny Sanchez